Wezile Mgibe


My intentions are to use art as a tool for social change. I have been deliberate in highlighting voices and bodies in the process of creating work. I am interested in concept of distortion, memory, displacement and how historical events are presented in the modern days.
In my practice, I always produce peculiar and durational work. In this way, I am giving a room to further conversations, which is something i believe we should have trough art, a conversation.
Through my practice I have developed an awareness that I am not unique, but that all people are on a journey of discovery as one that addresses social change, and one that requires us to face and perhaps forgive some very difficult realities.
I envision my work as assisting humans to find their voices, despite their marginalization and exclusion from public and social spaces because of their economic status, background, gender or sexual orientation.


Wezile Mgibe’s work confronts prejudices and advocates against social inequality and creates a platform for critical self-reflexivity within unwelcoming spaces. Mgibe’s work is influenced by how things have come into existence, as well as motivations behind certain movements and reactions.
He is a 2019 David Koloane award recipient, 2020 Arts & Culture Trust Impact award recipient and his body of work has been witnessed at FNB Art Joburg, Iziko South African National Gallery (ICA Live Art), Johannesburg M1 Highway Billboard feature, Hanger, ICA Infecting the city and PIAD
His recent research based works has been collected and commissioned by SOAS University of London in association with Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa and LEAD project, University of York (UK) Centre for Applied Human Rights.

Web site: http://www.wezilemgibeart.simplesite.com


Artist: Wezile Mgibe
Title: Makukhanye 2, 2020
Medium: Photography
Size: H:420 W:594 D:
Edition:1 Price:R8500
Artist: Wezile Mgibe
Title: Ndivuseni, 2020
Medium: Photography
Size: H:297 W:420 D:
Edition:1 Price:R6000
Artist: Wezile Mgibe
Title: The Interrogator, 2020
Medium: Photography
Size: H:548 W:841 D:
Edition:2 Price:R10000



The video work is inspired by collective memories and seeks to track historical events in a black household during South Africa’s turbulent recent past. The artist remembers time spent in both welcoming and unwelcoming spaces, reflecting on experiences with family and friends. As the artist encounters kindness and softness within rough and uncomfortable spaces and situations, he also suggesting that there can be love in a space you might consider ‘broken’ – and that, in some instances, beautiful memories were made there and deserve to be remembered.