Thabang Molefe


I explore how change within the self is influenced by the external environment and vice versa. I depict how these changes occur through daily experiences and how the process happens in the emotions, thoughts, instincts and spirituality.


Thabang Molefe was born on the 6th of July 1996 Johannesburg, Gauteng in South Africa, where he currently resides. Molefe works with printmaking as his primary medium after completing his 3 year printmaking course at Artist Proof Studio. Prior to that, Molefe was a painter and still carries on the practice to this day. Molefe Explores mediums like Charcoal, watercolour and photography which he uses in his mixed media works as well.

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Artist: Thabang Molefe
Title: Blue Depth, 2020
Medium: Monotype, India ink, acrylic, pencil on Fabriano paper
Size: H:990 W:350 D:
Edition:2 Price:R3000
Artist: Thabang Molefe
Title: in the motion 2, 2020
Medium: Monotype, Lino cut on fabriano
Size: H:500 W:353 D:
Edition:2 Price:R3500
Artist: Thabang Molefe
Title: Open window 2, 2020
Medium: Monotype, Lino cut on Fabriano paper
Size: H:750 W:500 D:
Edition:3 Price:R3000