Tetsuya Maruyama


Film-Propaganda-Appropriation-Resistance-Collective Memory-Flicker-Dictator-Found Footage


Tetsuya Maruyama(Yokohama, 1983) lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Bachelor in Architecture from University of Buffalo(NY), and Montage from Darcy Ribeiro Film School(Rio de Janeiro), his work misuses the degraded texture present in each passage of light, conducting itself in an unknown territory. Believing in the excessive presence of images in the contemporary world, the artist uses the same abundance and velocity to disfigure them, looking for an experience beyond the images.


Artist: Tetsuya Maruyama Title: 24(Twenty-Four) Burned Eyelashes, 2017 Medium: Video
Size: H: W: D: Edition: 0 Price: R


In school, we learn to remember to live, but in life, we learn to forget to enrich living.
The image ages with the passage of time, and it still has room to let in unwanted information.
Frozen from the film-propaganda against the student movement, “Let the student study(1962)”, by Jean Manzon, made in the pre-coup-d’etat context, a frame is photocopied, stretched and dipped in the cave of time.