Stian Deetlefs (Joburg fringe)


My name is Stian Deetlefs, a contemporary artist living in richardsbay KwaZulu Natal, my work talks about life I encounter in this industrial area and world we live in, what we do to survive and who we are as a society. I use industrial materials to depict the human condition such as, concrete, found objects, household paints,ect. I express myself in all these mediums. While being self-taught I get my inspiration from artists like Pollock, Kline, de Kooning, Emilio vedova, Alberto giocometti, Picasso, Basquiat and many more!


I started creating things no more than 3years ago. Before that I started working in factories locally to support my family from the ripe age of 15. With almost no education I could not find a decent job. So I decided to go into business with my father who is blind. Creating furniture and decor out of concrete. Soon realising that what I am doing was essentially art! We worked from home creating things daily and , it fascinated me and I took it further. I gathered as much information I could about art and it’s history and searched for an identity. My own voice! With every piece I make I try to redescover myself and in doing so I take risks … I am not a sculptor I am an artist , I am not a abstract painter … I am a artist, there are no more boundaries in art

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Artist: Stian Deetlefs (Joburg fringe) Title: Untitled cement sculpture, 2018 Medium: Concrete
Size: H:960 W:400 D:120 Edition: 0Price: R6500

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: Woman03, 2019 Medium: Enamel and charcoal on canvas
Size: H:1010 W:750 D: Edition: 0Price: R6000

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: The model, 2017 Medium: Concrete sculpture
Size: H:710 W:360 D:120 Edition: 0Price: R4000

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: Self portrait, 2018 Medium: Industrial tape
Size: H:590 W:410 D:310 Edition: 0Price: R2500

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: The coming of Elijah, 2018 Medium: Acrylic and oil on canvas
Size: H:910 W:1220 D: Edition: 0Price: R

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: Religious woman, 2019 Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Size: H:1220 W:910 D: Edition: 0Price: R9000

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: The begger, 2018 Medium: Cardboard box
Size: H:860 W:380 D:370 Edition: 0Price: R

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: Head, 219 Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Size: H:1020 W:710 D: Edition: 0Price: R5000

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: Shneider nude, 218 Medium: Cardboard box
Size: H:710 W:450 D:410 Edition: 0Price: R

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: Model02, 2019 Medium: Concrete and wire
Size: H:140 W:120 D:60 Edition: 0Price: R500

Artist: Stian Deetlefs Title: Potty mouth, 2018 Medium: Industrial tape and acrylic paint
Size: H:670 W:620 D:380 Edition: 0Price: R2500