Siyanda Marrengane


Siyanda is interested in the notion of the liminal space/ liminality/ in-between space/ betwixt and between/ thirdspace / threshold and all other types of betweens. She explores liminality within the context of ‘im/migration’ and other related elements of the diaspora such as foreign identity, the body, borders, belonging and narratives. How these concerns can be disrupted, questioned, problematised and falsified. She explores these multi-layered web of issues by creating imaginary spaces that are both immersive and experiential from different mediums such as video, found objects and material.

This current work, We never stop, we simply find other ways of being, 2020, investigates the idea of borders or boundaries by exploring the tangible and intangible through materiality. These banners or flags are used as symbols of assertion. Acknowledging that there will always be transgressors finding new gaps or ruptures, especially in institutions like borders, that always seek to inhibit certain types of travel deemed ‘irregular’.


Siyanda Marrengane is a Eswatini born visual artist, currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Artist: Siyanda Marrengane
Title: We never stop, we simply find other ways of being I, 2020
Medium: Embroidery on fabric
Size: H:395 W:440 D:
Edition:0 Price:R1500