Sir Lincoln


As a multi-disciplinary artist I work with any medium at my disposal and my work aims to close a gap from just being aesthetically beautiful to functional art like recycling to providing solutions through art. Most of it is documentation of socio-happenings and therapeutic to some disabilities.


Art competitions:
?took part in ABSA L’atelier in 2015,2017,2018
?came too 60 out of 1300 competitors at Innibos craft awards 2019
?Named best artwork by 1340 Gallery,online magazine(Netherlands)
?Art in the park public exhibitions hosted by Pietermaritzburg Tourism 2017,2018,2019
?Popup exhibitions hosted by Department of Arts an culture
?Hilton Arts festival 2019


Artist: Sir Lincoln
Title: Train Surfers, 2020
Medium: Recycled tins,umbrella rails,copper wire,sand,texture paste,leather offcuts,upholstery nails and acrylic on chipboard
Size: H:400 W:600 D:40
Edition:5 Price:R20000
Artist: Sir Lincoln
Title: UNcagu kaMbuduma, 2018
Medium: Cloth,reed,texture paste,fibre and acrylic on canvas
Size: H:1000 W:600 D:40
Edition:0 Price:R24000
Artist: Sir Lincoln
Title: Nubian Queen, 2017
Medium: Cloth,texture paste,ornaments,chain,oil and acrylic on canvas
Size: H:800 W:600 D:40
Edition:0 Price:R13000
Artist: Sir Lincoln
Title: Jealousy, 2020
Medium: Mixed media and acrylic on canvas
Size: H:800 W:1200 D:40
Edition:0 Price:R18000
Artist: Sir Lincoln
Title: Peacock feather, 2017
Medium: Texture paste,ink,oil,acrylic,luminescent paint on canvas
Size: H:745 W:945 D:25
Edition:0 Price:R2000
Artist: Sir Lincoln
Title: Two Tribe’s women, 2017
Medium: Mixed media on canvas
Size: H:800 W:800 D:20
Edition:0 Price:R15000