Sauda Alkebulan


Sauda Alkebulan says of his three part series ‘Mother and child’ “One morning on my way to work with my camera on the passenger seat, I saw a woman cultivating empty land with her baby playing on the soil. I parked and observed her till I saw two men approaching her. It seemed like the land she was cultivating on was not for public use. Right there and then I decided to pick up my camera. The series of photos attached show her as she gathers her belongings and makes her way…”


Sauda Alkebulan, born Sello Dhlabo, is 32 years old. He says “I began seriously as a photographer in 2018 using a ‘phone, later upgrading to a DSLR. I shoot mostly on storytelling mode, African stories”. This is the first time Alkebulan exhibits his work.


Artist: [371]
Title: Mother and Child ii, 2019
Medium: Photography
Size: H:420 W:297 D:
Edition: Price:R