Rose Mara Kielela


I understand art as a space for the elaboration of experiences. The experiences happen in the body from all the physical and animist senses, so there is no privileged media in my work, the visual, the auditory, the sensory, the olfactory, the mobile, the relational, the performative are together and are organized according to the My need to express what happens to myself. The principles that nourish my creative doing are based on elements present in the Afro Brazilian cultural manifestations, so I organize my work based on the concept that the researcher Alejandro Frigerio names as multidimensional performance present in the African American cultural manifestations, and therefore, through images, movements, supports, sounds and relationships, I active to the utmost my presence and the presence of the audience, generating a space of communication. My initial training is contemporary dance, however, I have always sought and continued to seek transit through other artistic languages in the prospect of broadening my creative universe, which has resulted in video performance, performance, photography, installations, etc. aligning myself with the decolonial option, which seeks to transcend the creative categories centered on the European perspective, and recognize the aesthetic epistemology of the global south.


Rose Mara Kielela (DRT – 0025041 / PR) graduated in Aesthetics and Studies from the New University of Lisbon and in Psychomotricity from the University of Évora, Bachelor of Education from the Faculty of Arts of the State University of Paraná, graduated in Black Dance, Engagement and Resistance at the École de Sables – Center International de Danses Tradicionelles et Contemporaines d’Afrique in Senegal. Research the African and Afro-Diasporic performance. Workstation No. 18 Biennale of Dakar in 2018, Third Triennial of Luanda (AO), FUSO – International Video Art Festival of Lisbon, Latinidades Festival (BR-DF), Porto Feminist Festival (PT), Dance Reference Center of the City of São Paulo, SESC Interlagos, EKA Palace Gallery (PT-LIS), University of Porto (PT-PORT), exhibited at the Hangar – Center for Artistic Research (PT-LIS). Residence: La Granja Art Center and Iberescena (MEX), Hoffmann House Study Center of the Movement.

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Artist: Rose Mara Kielela Title: The Margin of The Margin – photo by Lubanzadyo Mpemba Bula, 2017 Medium: Videoperformance
Size: H:0 W:0 D:0 Edition: 0 Price: R800.000


The margin of the margin deals with the vicious cycles of marginalization that affect the lives of black women around the world, which in the intersectionality of social disparities are triple affected by racism, gender and classicism. With a non-linear composite script, the video performance seeks to place the viewer in the space/interior time of the character, where vertigo, uncertainty and discontinuity are constant. Although it is a very dense and complex subject The margin of the margin places the question in a poetic way, with an aesthetic itself and using the intersection of artistic languages, involving the audiovisual, the performance, the dance, the urban architecture and the Poetry, forming a whole communicating generator of provocative metaphors.