Phoka Nyokong


Phoka’s work is a documentary of current emerging social cultures. Using performance, installation, video and works on paper, he directs his critique at the state of confusion caused among society by our very own conflicting and shared aspirations. The work might take on a satirical or more serious turn, using devices such as irony and commentary to expose the tragedy of our highly contested existence.


Phoka Nyokong has a fine art diploma, completed cum laude in 2017. He is currently working on a research paper for completion of his Btech studies in 2018. He works mostly in assembled sculpture/installations of ceramics, fabrics and found objects. He recently showed his first major perfomance work in Pretoria, dealing with issues of violence and abuse. He has had a solo show in 2016. Curated a group exhibition in 2017. Also getting to show at the Pretoria Art Museum in the group exhibition Genesis X. His work also appeared at the recent Turbine Art Fair 2018. He works as an education assistant and project facilitator at the Pretoria Art Museum, since 2017. Among his inspirational artists are Subodh Gupta, Kader Attia and Romuald Hazoume.

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