Michele Comber


Michelle Comber works predominantly with paper and ink, often using second-hand books and typewriters in her pieces and is rooted in text and language. The work Noise 1 is created from the words of a single chapter compressed into one page to create a layered image of symbols. The clutter of language appears like very controlled noise with the nature of the machine still so clear in the lines and structure of the page.
Visually the lines are the counterpoint to the ribbon on a typewriter, the typewriter keys leaving layered marks on the ribbon each time a key is struck.


Michelle Comber grew up in Durban and currently lives and works in Johannesburg where she studied at the Greenside Design Centre and the University of Witwatersrand, achieving Honours in Fine Arts.


Artist: [371]
Title: Noise (detail), 2020
Medium: Remington typewriter on Fabriano paper
Size: H:280 W:220 D:
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