Kezia Gerber

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Through this work I move over various crossings in a multitude of various forms, between painting and photography, movement and stillness, static and organic.
I was born to paint – it is what I have wanted to do since the first day I raised a paint brush. However, a natural aptitude for photography, steered me to pursue it. In spite of this, I have always struggled to see photography as an art form – it is too easily modified. It is easier to take an average photograph and edit it, than it is to take a truly exceptional one.
I became enchanted with movement early in my career. Movement of medium, action, conception, process. Even the physical movement of gazing at an artwork, of turning one’s head, one’s body. It was ultimately through movement that I found my true muse. Only then could I start creating something truly unique, absolutely unmanipulated photographs – that cannot be created without movement – they can only be made with the movement of my own body.
These images were born from the subconscious merging of my love of painting and my flair for photography.


I was born in Bloemfontein in the summer of 1988. After school I studied Architecture for a year before making the plunge into BA. Fine Art at UFS. Experimenting is my favourite form of creation, through experimentation we learn and grow. I am a painter at heart, but have a natural knack for photography; and so I paint with my camera (amongst other things). 

I have had the luck of having my first solos exhibition this year here in Bloemfontein and was also selected as a finalist for the SA Taxi Art Awards in March 2015.

Until recently I was the curator of Gallery on Leviseur in Bloemfontein where I facilitated, curated and installed 20 exhibitions during my 18 months as curator and gallery manager. In June I took the plunge to be a full time artist and am currently hard at work exposing the world to what I do with light, charcoal and paint!