Genevieve Schwulst


My work aims to investigate the ongoing of everyday life. Through the routine-like aspects that take place within our day-to-day. This for the work frames it well , the initial and current theme is of everyday and how everyday can tell a narrative. The discussion of the conceptual meaning behind it. The first initial thought when seeing the style and composition was the ideas of anagogical modes , parables or biblical tales. (Frame of reference or inspiration is Gustave Dore)


Genevieve Schwulst takes into account her own personal experiences and positionality within a printmaking space.
She best describes her artistic practice as having an eclectic aesthetic that focuses on the conventions and ideas that exist around bodies, macabre subject matter and imagery like flora and fauna. A Renaissance body of work re-imagined.
She uses these applications of artistic mediums; such as intaglio printmaking this includes Dry-point, Hard ground and Aquatint.The other mediums include Lithography, Silkscreen, Lino, Embossing, monotypes charcoal and ink work.


Artist: Genevieve Schwulst
Title: The Parable of Everyday, 2020
Medium: Aquatint & Hard Ground
Size: H:1300 W:950 D:
Edition:1 Price:R6500