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Coming from a town that is known to export talent in the art sector we do not have places for artists to exhibit their work.As we stand right now Mafikeng doe not have a art gallery or a space or event where artists can exhibit their work.We hope this project educates and brings attention to the fact that such things are needed.By making it a mobile photo exhibition we are going to reach people who would never go to a gallery and we be education children in schools as well. We as Gabriel Communications have identified four photographers in our are Mafikeng Huma Ditshwene, Bakang Maletse, Modise Ngwato and Charmain Carrol who have varying levels of experience but are all extremely talented.We built stands that could be broken down and built up in a couple of seconds so that we can go to as many locations as possible.Our mission being to take art to the people.


The founder and director of Gabriel communications Odirile Majatladi is someone who has a passion for the arts.Odirile Majatladi is someone who the arts are a calling to him. He is the curator for the Mobile Photo Exhibition.Having achieved his Matric from Damelin Art Academy he moved straight into the working environment by working for a communications company called Heartbeat Communication where he worked in the creative Department.Heartbeat Communications is responsible for television programmes such as After Nine. Done campaigns for brands such as Nestle,S.A.B (Castle Lite),Metro F.M and the South African Music Awards.Odirile still did projects on the side like organising Luke Bathes exhibition. Moving back home to Mafikeng he realized the amount of talent the town had but being a smaller town they were not given exposure. Having organised a few exhibitions and producing two music videos for artists he sees this project as a way of bringing together artists in the community under the umbrella of the mobile photo exhibition.

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Artist: odirile majatladi Title: , Medium:
Size: H:297 W:210 D: Edition: 0 Price: R300

Artist: odirile majatladi Title: , Medium:
Size: H: W: D: Edition: 0 Price: R

A advert video advertising the mobile photo exhibition