Craig Ferguson

Fibreglass Ferraris



Fibreglass Ferraris is a series of photographs made in the desert surrounding the town of Ouarzazate in Morocco. This remote region, south of the Atlas Mountains, is used extensively as a location for some of Hollywood’s biggest ‘Sword and Sandals’ and ‘Turbans and Terrorists’ epics, and the terrain is littered with abandoned sets and leftover props. Over the last 50 years, massive productions like Lawrence of Arabia, Game of Thrones and Kingdom of Heaven have been filmed here. Everything in Ouarzazate has been commodified into raw materials for the Hollywood machine, even the people. It’s not uncommon to see groups of Berbers walking through the desert, armed with fake AK47s and scimitars, on their way to work as extras on movie sets.

The effect is an often-perplexing world where it can be difficult to distinguish between the authentic and the contrived. Fibreglass Ferraris is a combination of these elements, challenging viewers to decide for themselves what is real and what isn’t, and in the process questioning cultural stereotypes and our notions of authenticity.



Craig Ferguson is a Filmmaker and photographer. His work on film productions takes him to some remote places, far off the tourist track, where he acts as both participant and observer in the invasion by large film crews into isolated communities.