Clinton Jacobs


My art explores my love of nature and the human form, frequently involving themes of mythology and folklore.

Working primarily in traditional pencil and pen mediums I can create detailed works with an attention to line-work and shading, with recent works including acrylic mixed over the sketch to create interest and add colour.

I enjoy creating art that everyone can find their own meaning in, often leaving my pieces untitled and open to interpretation.


Clitnton Jacobs has since a young age been drawn to creativity. From building models to drawing cartoons, he always found himself happiest whilst creating.

In 2002 Clinton completed a 2 year course in art and design at the Sedibeng college in Vanderbijlpark, being awarded top achiever in graphic design and art for both years and with distinctions in drawing, painting and graphic design.

His art primarily focuses on drawing mediums such as pencil and ink, allowing him to add the fine detail and line-work that he enjoy. Influenced by surreal artists such as Giorgio de Chirico and Salvador Dali his drawings often explore themes such as mythology and folklore whilst incorporating his love of nature and the human form.

Clinton currently lives and works in Johannesburg where he is employed as a graphics and motion designer with the majority of his free time spent either working on new drawings, or exploring new techniques and mediums.

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Artist: Clinton Jacobs
Title: Atlas bears his burden, 2021
Medium: Pencil and acrylic on paper
Size: H:560 W:380 D:
Edition:0 Price:R5000
Artist: Clinton Jacobs
Title: The fall of Adam, 2020
Medium: Pencil and acrylic on paper
Size: H:500 W:345 D:
Edition:0 Price:R5000
Artist: Clinton Jacobs
Title: From the artists’ hand the world is dreamt into existence, 2014
Medium: Pen, ink, pencil and acrylic on paper
Size: H:595 W:420 D:
Edition:0 Price:R5500