Christel Liebenberg


Christel Liebenberg is a visual artist with a Bachelor in Visual Arts (BVA) from the
University of South Africa (UNISA). She is an animator and her work is inspired
by the everyday and mundane experiences of life. Recurring themes in her
work is the relationship between humans and technology.


2018 Art as Destination: Co-creation of culture, Group Exhibition. ITSA conference, Pretoria
2017 toomuchinformation.gif Group Exhibition, UPSTAIRS on Bree, Cape Town
Between 10and5, Exhibit.gif: SA’s giphy enthusiasts share their favourite works
2016 Animation Bash. Group Exhibition. Pretoria Arts Association, Pretoria.
2014 De Aqui a Lima, Pan Rooms, Pantocrator Gallery. Group Exhibition, Barcelona.
Torrent in the Sandpit, Group Exhibition.
Sasol New Signatures Exhibition, Pretoria Art Museum, Pretoria.
Western Cape finalists Sasol New Signatures, Group Exhibition, Erdman Contemporary, Cape Town.
Unisa senior student exhibition. Homecoming Centre, Cape Town.
2013 Unisa 3rd level student exhibition. ArtB Gallery, Bellville.


Price: 3000

In this video I allude to our habitual intake of information and I attempt to raise questions regarding our ability to process and internalise large quantities of low quality and excessive information. The flashing information becomes an inherent and internal part of the figures as they perform a simple daily routine.