Chloë Reid


Chloë Reid is a South African artist currently considering her practice through a socio-physiological framework. Positioned between sociology, biology and psychology, this term refers to the relationship between a society and the habitual physical functions of individuals within that society. She uses film, writing and audio to pare down, repeat and create rhythmical descriptions of objects and actions in an attempt to locate a kind of politics in regular intuitive performance.


Chloë Reid (b. 1989, Johannesburg) holds an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art and is currently pursuing a Graduate Fellowship at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios. She received her BFA from the University of Cape Town in 2011 following which she had two solo exhibitions at Gallery AOP in Johannesburg in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Her work has been included in exhibitions in Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, Milwaukee and Glasgow. She is trained as a printmaker but her work is not consistently medium-specific.

Chloë is also part of I, Claudius, a collaborative endeavour with Rhona Mühlebach and Holly McLean presenting regular film screenings and performances.

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