Marion Boehm

Marion Boehm


An Artistic Voyage through Kliptown

The portraits of the people that I encountered at a private community centre called Bolo’s are testaments to the characters, resulting in my artwork that draws the viewer deep into Kliptown’s story as well as into my own personal journey.The impact the centre and its people have had on me-changed my life. I’ve been deeply touched by what I experienced to see people live under these circumstances, but try to be happy and to live the moment.. Working together with them has explored my living values, clarified my living theory through reflective creativity and brought me to a better understanding and to an inner peace with myself.

Specially two people, who are key characters in Kliptown have influenced my work: Bolo (David Meyers) and Prophtess Agnes, who cares for the spiritual and emotional well being of the people as a Baptist priest. With their daily dedication and commitment they serve as role models in their community. They have created a place of hope at Bolo’s, where the door is always open for people, who need advice, food, cloth, support for their children’s homework or a podium for all kinds of get togethers and festivities.

In my art work I have paid artistic homage to the women, who mostly run the families with their positive energy and their daily effort to survive. They shared their stories with me and gave me open heated a deep insight into their lives.

I have worked in a variety of media that speak of township life: sheshwe cloth, photographs from Kliptown worked on in pastel and graphite, and newspaper collages. Recycling materials is part of Kliptown’s daily life, and I have considered that in my work. By enlarging the portraits, I wanted to achieve the sense of grandeur for the people who are often overlooked in life and honour them in showing their grace and dignity.

As in most African countries collecting recycling materials as paper or plastic is very present in people’s daily life. I chose old newspapers as my collage material for portraying people and old rusty spring mattresses for my installations, which are often used as fences in the township. Additionally I discovered shweshwe, tissues which are typical and traditionally used here in South Africa to illustrate and decorate the outfits of these portrayed people and to add value to them


Marion Böhm


  Born 1964 in Duisburg, Germany

Lived in Italy, France and moved to SA in 2010


1984 – 1993 Air hostess at Deutschen Lufthansa, travelling the world and absorbing the diversity of life styles, religions and cultures


1990 – 1997 Diploma of Interior Design at FH Darmstadt, Germany

Major focus on design and graphic design


1998 – 2007 Interior Design at Thorer Interior Design, Frankfurt, Germany and as a free Interior Designer


2011 Study of Early Childhood Development UNISA


2011-2013 Community Centre Kliptown, life changing participation, organisation and support of at daily life experience, celebrations, events, family life, school and community centre work.


Photographic and video documentation and graphic interpretation in different techniques and media.


Private art classes


2012 Presentation of portfolio at Wits University, Fine Arts, acceptance for pre-prposal of master theme.


2013 Exhibition and donation of main price of the art auction from the Societe Fraternelle at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Rosebank


2013/2014 Exhibition at Intoto Gallery, Birdhaven 22.82013 – 16.9.2013, planned exhibitions at Alliance Francaise Spring 2013 , Everard Read 2014