David Barkham

David Barkham

Overexposed as we are to the continuous stream of images that overwhelm our consciousnesses, the artist attempts to freeze a moment in time extracting it from the virtual and rendering it in hard paint that one may reflect on the poignancy, the irony or the sheer absurdity of the moment, and perhaps infer some relevance. Or feeling.

My pictures are frozen frames of movie clips, sight bites, inferences, fragments of story resonating behind the threshold, rendered with a child’s delight in applying paint and heightened by the eroticism of stiff bristles plowing through wet paint and the friction of the responsive canvas.

A reduction of the works of Wilhelm Reich to sound bites could be ‘The Function of the Orgasm is to liberate us from the Mass Psychology of Fascism,’

It is in this spirit that I offer these.

Everything is about sex except sex.


Born 31 August 1945

1964-66 University of Natal

1966 180 Day Detention

1967 Leicester College of Art

1969 Berkeley Free Speech Movement

Berkeley Commune Anti Vietnam War Committee

1972 -8 Marimba School of Music and Art Swaziland

1980 – 2000 Production Designer in Film Industry

2004-10 Exhibited Paintings in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto

2013 Moved to Cape Town. Exhibiting at New Heritage Gallery.