Brendon Erasmus

Brendon Erasmus

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These works on canvas aim to push the scope and depth of 2-dimensional space by introducing a multi-modal approach to the painting medium. From painting with ‘light’ to traditional media, the approach applies from execution to concept, informing the process and formal qualities of the works.

Censorship: the process of removing parts of information that are considered unsuitable for moral, religious, or political reasons.

The guise of censorship can be incremental rather than deductive, and is often multiplied in its meaning and context. Censorship conceals and exposes at the same time. It is a cloak under which the shape of things is revealed and, like the most sacred of things in life, a ruse if you will. These works aim to reflect on such sacred parts of the whole. At times, I place paint on canvas in an almost archeological or forensic way – painstakingly, like excavating part of a delicate landscape. At other times I introduce the medium to canvas without touching the canvas at all.



Born in 1988, Pretoria, South Africa. Lives and works in Pretoria.


2007-2011 Tshwane University of Technology, B Tech Fine Art



2013 Re-Engineering, UNISA Gallery

2013 Crimsonred Studios

2012 TUT Alumni exhibition, Tshwane University of Technology

2012 Sasol New signatures, Pretoria Art Museum

2012 Nudes Exhibition, St Lorient Gallery



2012 Sasol New signatures, Merit award.

2012 Winner, Hope in Art competition

2008 PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards, Merit award: Best sculpture on exhibition