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After directing her first feature length documentary in northern Botswana, After We Lost Shima, Ashley founded Emerald City Arts, a visual media studio and one of the founding members of Sankoré, where like-minded artists create thought provoking original content. Emerald City Arts has produced several documentaries and short films directed by Ashley, and her work has screened at film festivals and programming throughout the United States including: The Pan African Film Festival, The Voiceless International Film Festival, African American Women in Cinema Festival, the Black Alphabet Film Festival, and UCLA’s Images in Blackness series.

Ashley previously worked at the Los Angeles based storytelling company Wondros, where she co-created short film content for some of the world’s most progressive institutions such as TED, XPrize, The American Heart Association, The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and more. She’s written about film, art, and culture for publications such as Gopher Illustrated, Pyragraph, Bitch Flicks, Afrobougee and more.

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If I Had a Son is a contemporary avant-garde short film. It explores the young adult’s quest to understand the place of the individual in the context of our singular human experience. Throughout, the facts of the shooting and death of black American teenager Trayvon Martin are retold.