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Di Miller


The systematic annihilation of wild animals, insects and flora is only a small part of the continuing degradation of the environment. In my work I use images endangered animals, insects, as well as trees endemic to Southern Africa, and the South African bush as subject, for all of which I have a deep and abiding connection.
The animals often have hoods over their heads alluding to their vulnerability and akin to people that are tortured or kidnapped. These anthropomorphic figures may also be read as their interconnectedness to and importance to humans and the environment in general.
Wherever possible I use recycled or reclaimed materials and found materials such as flying ant wings, red African soil, broken glass, found wood etc., which i feel add to the meaning of the work but also use more traditional media such as clay, oil paint, encaustic, acrylic etc.


I am an artist based in Johannesburg and obtained a BA Fine Arts Unisa (1999) and Masters in Fine Arts UKZN (2002).
I have art works are in collections at Johannesburg Municipality, Rand Merchant Bank, Sasol, Bloemfontein War Museum and various private collections.
I presented a paper at the African Ceramics Conference on behalf of the University of KwaZulu Natal (2009) and was a finalist in Taxi Competition (2017) and had work selected for the new Johannesburg Council Chambers. I have a participated in numerous exhibitions between 1998 and 2020 including L’Atelier Pons, France (2012), 2005 Sasol New Signatures, Sasol Miniatures (2007), Sasol Wax Exhibition., Ekurhuleni Fine Arts Awards in 2004 and 2005 as well as the 2003 PPC Young Concrete Sculptor Awards.


Artist: Di Miller
Title: Into the Darkness, 2020
Medium: Ceramic, found wood, Zebo
Size: H:570 W:300 D:220
Edition:0 Price:R8000
Work enquiry
Artist: Di Miller
Title: Ubi Sunt 6, 2021
Medium: cotton embroidery on plastic (framed)
Size: H:530 W:440 D:
Edition:0 Price:R5800
Work enquiry
Artist: Di Miller
Title: Death Fugue 2, 2019
Medium: Ceramic, Zebo on wood
Size: H:450 W:250 D:250
Edition:0 Price:R6800
Work enquiry
Artist: Di Miller
Title: Into the Future Darkly, 2019
Medium: Rust on found metal
Size: H:250 W:1200 D:50
Edition:0 Price:R4800
Work enquiry
Artist: Di Miller
Title: Elemental Traces, 2019
Medium: Charcoal on Fabriano (framed)
Size: H:620 W:7800 D:
Edition:0 Price:R4800
Work enquiry
Artist: Di Miller
Title: Siyalila, Siyalila, 2019
Medium: Ceramic mounted on wood
Size: H:258 W:1200 D:50
Edition:0 Price:R5500
Work enquiry
Artist: Di Miller
Title: Gravitas, 2021
Medium: Acrylic & oil on canvas
Size: H:1000 W:750 D:
Edition:0 Price:R17000
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