2018 Artist Entry

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Alice S and Jennifer W-S


We are thrilled to present My Body, My Choice: Selling Sex for $500 per Hour. This film means a lot to us for many reasons, and the fact that we are able to share it with more people is so rewarding. The experience was eye opening for us, and hopefully for our audience too!


We are two soon-to-be graduates of the University of Cape Town who are studying Multimedia Production. We are naive enough to believe that we still have the power to change the world, and in doing so want to shed light on some of the darker issues that don’t get spoken about. We decided to focus on the Sex Industry for our Senior Research Project and have found the experience of doing this project to be eye-opening and inspiring, and our aim is to continue this project far into the future.

Web site: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh8i_c5r9CFrM5gCpZlXB8g?view_as=subscriber



Sophie* opens up to us about her life as a high-end escort. In this candid interview, Sophie talks sex, money, power and love.