Richard Ketley and Logo Oluwamuyiwa


“Glocal” our exhibition at the Fring features work created by the creative partnership of Logo Oluwamuyiwa and Richard Ketley and is a reflection on the visual and mental geography of their collaboration.

The work weaves between the cities in which they work and live – Lagos, Dubai, Johannesburg. Images and the experience of these places are woven into visual textures that explore the themes of travel, identity and communication, and combine Logo’s photographs and Ketley’s painting.

Since the collaboration began the artists have exchanged over 6000 messages and posting, and many of the images are initial built simultaneously on shared platforms such as google slides before production in the country in which they are to be exhibited.


Logo, who is Lagos-based, works predominantly in black-and-white photography. He has both a conceptual and a documentary approach, and seeks to use the camera to capture people, things and stories from perspectives that are often overlooked, ignored or taken for granted.

Ketley currently lives in Johannesburg, and has exhibited in Johannesburg and Kampala, and some of his most recent work has been shortlisted for the SA Taxi Art Award (2015 and 2016). He is interested in the formal elements of painting and draws inspiration from the many countries he visits.

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Artist: Ketley / Logo Title: Peace in Africa, 2016 Medium: Acrylic on plywood, photograph
Size: H:1100 W:600 D:5 Edition: 0 Price: R8000

Artist: Ketley / Logo Title: When we play god, 2016 Medium: Acrylic and photo print on canvas
Size: H:1400 W:1200 D:1 Edition: 0 Price: R9000

Artist: Richard Ketley / Logo Title: City Structure, 2016 Medium: Acrylic, photograph and paper
Size: H:1200 W:1400 D: Edition: 1 Price: R14000

Artist: Ketley / Logo Title: I cloud, 2016 Medium: Print and oil paint on plywood
Size: H:1200 W:2000 D: Edition: 1 Price: R13000

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