Vardit Goldner



Vardit Goldner (Israel) is engaged in documenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and in
particular its effects on the daily life of Palestinian citizens of Israel as well as
Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. She addresses social issues and animal issues
as well.
Before switching to photography she obtained an M.Sc. in physics and worked as a
software engineer.
In 2005 she had her first solo exhibition “Portrait, Street” which depicted life in
disadvantaged neighborhoods. Goldner then studied at The School of Art – Hamidrasha
in Beit Berl College, Israel. Her final project there in 2010 exhibited photographs from
the unrecognized Arab-Bedouin village of Al-Araqib in the Negev region of Israel
which was demolished by the Israeli authorities a few months after she photographed it.
She also attended the Postgraduate Fine Arts Program at Beit Berl College, during
which she began to create video works as well. At the 2016 final exhibition she had two
different projects: one of photographs showing daily life in Bedouin and Arab villages
in Israel and Palestine, and the other – videos of single women who live alone, preparing and eating supper.



A woman who lives alone, as she prepares supper and eat it.