Terms and Conditions to exhibit on the Joburg Fringe 2021

All Joburg Fringe exhibitors, artists, guests and helpers are bound by the following terms if participating in the Joburg Fringe in any way.  

The Joburg Fringe 2021 takes place at The Art Room, Parkhurst

Opening: Sunday, 5 September 2021, runs until Saturday 2 October 2021

Opening hours: weekdays  9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm.

Please read this IMPORTANT NOTICE about the limits to our responsibilities and those of our hosts:

  • Everyone uses and visits the Joburg Fringe venue and related facilities (parking, toilets etc) at their own risk.
  • The exhibition venue is a secure space. Never the less we will take care within our capacity to keep exhibitors, artists, guests and helpers and their property safe in the venue.
  • But we do not supply Joburg Fringe security and are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage anyone suffers including but not limited to injuries, theft, assault, deliberate or accidental damage to works while using or visiting the various venues or related facilities, even if we (including anyone doing work for us) are negligent.
  • It is the artist’s sole responsibility to look after their work and personal property at all times.
  • We believe the venue to be safe but you are urged to exercise caution when moving around, preparing exhibits etc. Keep computers and other valuables with you at all times.

The artists who’s work is selected for the Joburg Fringe 2021 agree to:

  • Deliver work to The Art Room, Parkhurst during the week 23 -27 August.
  • Collect all work by 4.00pm by Wednesday 6th October 2021 from The Art Room, Parkhurst
  • Insure their own work, equipment and personal possessions against all risks.
  • Warrant that their work is either their own, or they have the relevant copyright permission to exhibit.
  • Their work being shown in the online catalogue on the Joburg Fringe web site