The Printing Girls • Amy van den Bergh • Carmen Ford • Lucy Stuart-Clark

Submitted by: Amy van den Bergh

Carmen Ford:
“Creating commentary on South African news, that is both bold and humorous enables me to handle the continuous flow of negative information on a daily basis. The repetition of images, such as Zuma’s portrait, are inspired by scandals which are often repeated and unresolved. In particular the series plays with the concept of “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil; hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing”. Without a printing press at hand, digital technology has allowed me to mimic the techniques of traditional relief printmaking.

Amy van den Bergh:
“I am fascinated with the tradition of doily making within my family. We (women) each have had a “rite-of-passage” by learning the craft of crocheting. Even when a new woman joins the family, she is taught how to crochet. Road trips, winter nights, and holidays are spent crocheting and so inherently, the process of crocheting is linked to memory of my own childhood and family. When they age and loose threads start pulling, patterns undoing, and stitches become moth-eaten – so our memories begin to unravel. My work explores this tension between family traditions and the loss of memory.”

Lucy Stuart-Clark:
“As a first generation South African, I have always been fascinated by my British heritage – by its more personal aspects but also the undeniable impact that colonialism had on the country in which I was born. Since graduating from university, my work has often used collage and ceramics to play with this tension, with the fact that history has an undeniable daily presence in South Africa. Collage, in particular, allows me to turn a playful ethnographic eye on my heritage. I like to think of my collages and ceramic sculptures as dioramas or trophies to the everyday, but an everyday that is always shadowed by history. “


Carmen Ford
Completed her MFA at Rhodes University in 2013 and is currently living in Port Alfred. She has since completed a graphic design course and now practices as an artist and graphic designer. Her creative practice lies between art and design by combining traditional and digital methods of printmaking, drawing and illustration. Her work playfully comments on the political landscape of South Africa.

Amy van den Bergh
After completing her BFA at Rhodes University in 2009 and PGCE in 2010. She has been teaching and practicing art from her printmaking studio in Johannesburg – working with a variety of students of all backgrounds and ages. Amy’s work is influenced by both contemporary and traditional South African artifacts, crafts and culture. Her most recent focus has been on doily making practices within families, like her own, to create a common interest amongst the women.

Lucy Stuart-Clark
Lucy Stuart-Clark is a Cape Town based artist and freelance illustrator with a BFA in printmaking from Rhodes University (2009) and a MPhil VA in illustration from Stellenbosch University (2012). Since graduation, she has been working primarily in collage, printmaking and ceramics, playing in particular with text and images from old books. Lucy also has a small business called Lucy-made, under which she produces handmade treasures that sell in local shops.

Web site:  |   Floor area requested: 24sqm  |   Wall space requested: 10m

Other details:

The Printing Girls is a group of printmakers who have started exhibiting together, but each with a separate voice. The artists are all graduates from Rhodes University and now, seven years after completing their studies, each artist is pursuing a career in the Visual Arts.


Artist: Lucy Stuart-Clark  Title: A Suitable Background,  2012  Medium: Book with collaged diorama
Size: H:222 W:144 D:320  Edition: 0  Price: R1900

Artist: Lucy Stuart-Clark  Title: The Entomologist’s Desk,  2015  Medium: Softground Etching
Size: H:254 W:305 D:  Edition: 0  Price: R2100

Artist: Lucy Stuart-Clark  Title: The Astronomer,  2014  Medium: Glaze painted earthenware
Size: H:260 W:100 D:100  Edition: 0  Price: R6400

Artist: Amy van den Bergh  Title: Memories,  2016  Medium: Gold ink, Gold leaf on Wood
Size: H:500 W:500 D:200  Edition: 0  Price: R2500

Artist: Amy van den Bergh  Title: Aloe,  2016  Medium: Doily collagraph with gold ink
Size: H:350 W:250 D:  Edition: 0  Price: R450

Artist: Amy van den Bergh  Title: She sat crocheting for hours,  2016  Medium: linocut, gold leaf, gold ink
Size: H:250 W:200 D:  Edition: 0  Price: R300

Artist: Carmen Ford  Title: Big Man Over Us,  2016  Medium: Digital Linocut
Size: H:297 W:420 D:  Edition: 0  Price: R1100

Artist: Carmen Ford  Title: Dear Mr President,  2016  Medium: Digital Linocut
Size: H:210 W:297 D:  Edition: 0  Price: R850

Artist: Carmen Ford  Title: Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing series,  2011  Medium: Linocut
Size: H:891 W:594 D:  Edition: 0  Price: R12900

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