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I attended Durban Girls college for the first 11 years of my schooling career. During grade 9, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and had to be taken out of school for 1,5 years. this had a huge emotional impact on both myself and my family. It was a very dark time for us as a family as we were shunned upon by the community. I was accused of attention seeking, trying to get boys and all other sorts of horrible assumptions. I came through it and recovered by the end of grade 11 and moved to St Henrys Marist college for my final year of high school. At the end of metric, I had to decide where I wanted to attend university. I was accepted to 4 UK universities, for film and television, including Edinburgh University, University of Glasgow, Royal Holloway and Queens Belfast university but my family decided it would be best if I stayed at UCT. During my first year at UCT, I applied to be a visiting student at Columbia University in New York. I was accepted and attended Columbia for the first semester of this year. I returned to uCT on the basis that I was accepted into the very exclusive film production program here, which only starts in the second year, second semester, thus it was mandatory that I returned. I also am interested in Philosophy and Math

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I had bottled up so many things during the duration of my childhood and early adolescent years … finally my bottle exploded!