Philippe Bousquet

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“ I communicate through Art in order to tickle the consciousness of people. It is so easy to get caught up in the storm of life. Deadlines. Obligations. Politics. Consumerism. We tend to see only what is right in front us.

My artworks – painting, objects and installations – seek to engage with what we see as important political, social and human issues. The pieces ask people to look up. To consider where our everyday thoughts and actions are taking us. – as individuals, as a country and as a world. And to ask ourselves, and those around us, is this really where we want to go? And if not, what is the vision that calls to us?

It will be a mix of paintings, objects and sculptures as material to engage with the public.


Born in France in 1964, Philippe Bousquet is a qualified architect who transitioned into the world of art and design in 1997, first as a silversmith and contemporary jewellery designer. Affiliated to the Southern Guild, he has exhibited with them at the Johannesburg Art Fair,the Everhard Read Gallery, the Foundry in Cape Town, the MOAD Johannesburg and Design Days Dubai. He has shown his work at the Design Indaba, the FWD fair, the 157 Gallery (Solo exhibition) and the Bell Roberts Gallery (JHB Art Fair, the Opening Exhibition and the “Tales of the Mantle Piece” exhibition), and he is currently exhibiting at the Southern Guild gallery in Cape Town. He has also exhibited in France in different galleries and fairs and his work is included in many private collections around the world.