Nacho Recio



Telecommunications Engineer (Sound and Image) and Multidisciplinary Artist. After directing a documentary in Hollywood about John Frusciante’s life (ex Red Hot Chili Peppers) he began to work making videos for music bands like Chambao (‘lo mejor pa tí’,2013). He has also directed Tv series like ‘Fausto’ (2011) in super 16mm or Films like ‘N/ 949’ (2013). His Videoart has been in museums like CAC Málaga or ERARTA Saint Petersburg (‘morphogénesis’,2014), winning prices in International Experimental Cinema Festivals like PROTESTA 2016 (ʻpreferentesʼ, 2016, FIRST PRIZE) or BIDEODROMO 2015 (‘broken mirrors’, 2014, SECOND PRIZE) or in Important and independent Cinema Festivals like ESMoA VIDEOART Film Fest California 17, Film Sozialak CINE INVISIBLE Bilbao 17, URBAN Film Fest Tehran 17, Miami New Media Festival 17, AIAPI Videoart in Loop UNESCO Italia 17, THIRD CULTURE Film Fest Hong Kong 16, EXILE Film Festival Malmö 2016, Experimental Superstars Serbia 16, Festival de Cine de Málaga 15, etc. nachoRecio’s filmography as a Director : – Direction of the Spot for the ethical clothing brand ʻMARIEL BAGSʼ (2018). – Direction of the Spots IV (2014) and VI (2017) Festival de Cine de Fuengirola. -Direction of the Spot ‘Curso de Posado e Interpretación ante la Cámaraʼ (2016). -Direction of the Short Film ʻPreferentesʼ (2016), FIRST PRIZE in the International Festival PROTESTA BARCELONA 16 and selected in Film Festivals like URBAN Film Fest (Tehran, 2017), 39 Lugo International WEEK OF AUTEUR CINEMA (2017), IPAS Independent Political Short Film Fest (Athens, 2017), CENSURADOS Film Fest (Lima, 2017), RETRANSMISIÓN and MIC Género (México, 2017), CONCORDIA (Argentina, 2017) or Global Short Film Awards (Brodway, 2017). -Direction of the Videoart ʻShadows of a Radio in the Eastʼ (2016), recorded in Berlin and selected in Film Festivals like International Mobil Film Fest (San Diego 2017), Lone Star Film Society (Texas 2017), Experimental Superstars (Serbia 2016), Cinetoto Experimental Film Fest (Colombia 2017), BackUp Festval (Weimar 2017), ESMoA VIDEOART Film Fest (California 2017), ASIFF Film Fest (Nigeria 2017), CEFF Experimental Edge Film Fest (Tallahassee 2017) or Wasteland Film Fest (California 2017). – Direction of the Videoart ʻAutorretratoʼ (2016), selected in Film Festivals like Miami New Media Festival 2017, Green Screen Enviromental Film Fest (Trinidad y Tobago 2017), CLOSE UP Vallarta (México 2017), WAKE-UP Artvideokoeln (Alemania 2017), Cinema Poético (Colombia 2017), Mostra VIVA Mediterranean Film Fest (Valencia 2017) or 300 Seconds Film Fest (Toronto 2017). -Direction of the Spot ‘MATTERNA’ (2016). -Direction of the Videoart ‘Jenna’ (2015), selected, among others, in AIAPI Videoart in Loop UNESCO (Italia 2017), Lima Bean Film Fest (St. Louis 2016), BURIEN Film Fest (USA 2017), Goldensun Short Film Fest (Malta 2015), 13TH Annual Frames Film
Festival (India 2016), I Muestra de Videocreación VIDEOPROJECT 2015 or VII Concurso de Cortos RNE 2015. -Direction of the Videoart ‘Espejos Rotos’ (2014), SECOND PRIZE in the International Experimental Film and Video Festival BIDEODROMO 2015, nominated to the Best Experimental Film in THIRD CULTURE Film Fest Hong Kong 2016 and selected as a finalist in lots of international cinema festivals like XVIII Festival de Cine de Málaga 2015, Rural Int. Film Fest 2015, Feminist and Queer Int. Film Fest Bucharest 2015 or Muestra de Videoarte y Video Experimental Intermediaciones Medellín 2015, among others. -Direction of the Videoart ‘ant’ (2014), selected in cinema festivals like Festival Internacional de Cine y Artes Visuales BUGARTE Colombia 2017, EXILE Film Festival Malmö 2016, TWISTED Oyster Experimental Film and Video Art Festival Chicago 2016, BackUp Festival Weimar 2016 or Termita International Film Fest Madrid 2015, among others. -Direction of the Fashion Film ‘ELLE’ (2014). -Direction of the Documentary Videocreation ‘Morphogénesis’ (2014), presented in Centro de Arte Contemporáneo CAC Málaga, projected in lots of Contemporary Art Museums like the famous ERARTA Saint Petersburg (Rusia, 2016), Sala Vimcorsa (Córdoba, 2014), Sala de Exposiciones ‘El Portón’ (Alhaurín de la Torre, 2015) or Ateneo de Málaga (MAF Málaga 2016) and selected in lots of cinema festivals like FICU Lanterna International Film Fest (México, 2016) or Blackbird Film Fest New York 2015, among others. -Direction of the Feature Film ‘N/949’ (2013), semifinalist in Southeastern Film Festival Nashville 2016 and selected in international cinema festivals like III Muestra de Cine de Fuengirola 2013, Phoenix International Film Fest Melbourne 2015, SINGAPORE World International Film Fest 2016, NEW YORK World International Film Fest 2016, TORONTO World International Film Fest 2016 or HONG KONG World International Film Fest 2016 among others. -Direction of the TV pilot ‘Fausto’ (2011) in super 16mm. -Direction of Music Videos like ‘Lo mejor pa ti’ (Chambao, 2012), ‘Gavnnahallan’ (Elin Kaaven, 2016), ‘Someday’ o ‘3 blocks’ (Concrete Tree 2006/2009), ‘Un estilo diferente’ (Chulito Camacho 2012), ‘Díselo’ (Chandé 2013), ‘She did Something New’ (ASHA 2014) or ‘I’m a Loser’ and ʻAnimal Freedomʼ (TCap Leviatán, Costa Rica 2015 and 2017), among others. -Direction of the Videpoetry ‘Monky’ (2002), finalist in lots of cinema festivals like ‘Visualsound’ or ‘Soloparacortos’ from Barcelona, Festival Internacional de Cine de Benalmádena, Jerez, Vallecas, Asturias, etc. -Direction of the Documentary ‘Untitled, un tributo a John Frusciante’, ex Red Hot Chili Peppers (Hollywood, California 2001).

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Artist: Nacho Recio Title: ant, 2014 Medium: videoart
Size: H:1920 W:1080 D: Edition: 0 Price: R

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