Mauricio Sanhueza


When I was still in art school, I experimented with as many different types of mediums as possible so that I could get a good idea of what interested me most. In 2003, after a year of attending a visual arts school, the frontman of a Peruvian punk rock band named “Futuro Incierto” (Uncertain Future) noticed a cardboard robot suit I had made for that year’s annual exhibit and asked me if I wanted to do a video clip for one of his songs, using that same robot suit. The video was shown on the MTVLA channel for many months. During the next four years at school, I started to make more videos including short films in SD until new technologies gave me the opportunity to make them in Full HD quality with no budget at all. My works have always included images of the surreal and the bizarre, within a nightmare-ish context. I have realized that the audiovisual medium is the best way for me to share my visions. The viewer can enjoy the works regardless of their background because dreaming is a universal experience. I use live stop motion techniques with photographs to represent imaginary odd worlds.


Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru,1978) studied at the University of Lima from 1996 until 2000. He then continued his studies at the Lima visual arts school, Corriente Alterna, graduating in 2006 with top honors. In 2011 he obtain a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from San Marcos University. Since 2004 he has participated in several collective art exhibits and festivals in Peru and abroad. Mauricio’s videos have been screened at many international video-art and experimental short-film festivals and have won many awards.


Price: 500

Throughout the centuries dreams have been to many cultures around the world the images that speak of the future. In modern times dreams have been seen as a connection to the unconscious. Based on the myth of Perseus, Calico is looking for the key that will lead him to a sad fate.