Market Photo Workshop



The Market Photo Workshop booth will allow for our alumni to display and sell a range of work, representing a gamut of contemporary South African photography. We will use this space as a platform for former students who are at the cusp of actualizing their professional photographic selves. We aim to showcase up to 6 emerging photographers. In addition, this booth will present the many ways in which Market Photo Workshop serves as an alternative space while still preparing potential photographers for a competitive, dynamic, and rigorous industry. 

Alumni who will participate include Jerry Gaegane, Lebohang Khanye, Chris Stamatiou, Phumzile Nkosi, Cornell Tukiri, and  Mpho Mokgadi.


The Market Photo Workshop was founded in 1989 by world-renowned photographer David Goldblatt. He envisioned the workshop environment as a space to provide further education in visual literacy and photography practice to disadvantaged learners during the reign of the previous regime.

The Photo Workshop offers courses in photography and training, as well as multi-layered projects and interactions that respond to the complex backgrounds of education, culture, and identity, within a contemporary understanding of photography and the social conditions of South Africa. 

The Market Photo Workshop is a division of The Market Theatre Foundation.