Kopano Maroga



Kopano Maroga is a black and queer performance artist, writer and cultural worker striving towards liberation in its myriad forms. They are currently pursuing their Masters in Live, Interdisciplinary and Public Art through the Institute of Creative Arts at the University of Cape Town researching queer semiotics and other cool shit. They are a recipient of the Kanna, Fiesta and Woordtrofees awards for best supporting actor in Neil Coppen’s “Buiteland”. They are a co-founder of the publication and performance platform ANY BODY ZINE, an initiative that focuses on dance, movement and embodied politics (more at anybodyzine.org.za). Their writing can be found in the publications ArtThrob, adjective and Prufrock. They very much believe in the power of love as a weapon of mass construction.



I’m trying to find ways to think around the politics of representation. I believe that the representation of oppressed people has been used to pacify revolt and apply neoliberal techniques of appropriating and commoditising the aesthetics of oppressed people in order to sell us and our politics back to us. I don’t think representation equates to justice. I don’t think it captures the nuanced ways in which we experience violence in our lives, our loves, on the street, in our schools, in our homes… I’m trying to think of ways to render some materiality to this hypervisible invisibility.

The video forms part of my research for my Masters in Live Art, Interdisciplinary and Public Art with the Institute of Creative Arts at the University of Cape Town.