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Submitted by: Sarie Potter

Blowing it open – rita’s photograph that i love
Drawing from the pool of artists (including but not restricted to : performance, photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, installation, game, video, )– that we have worked with since 2008 the Joburg Fringe will invite selected artists as well as crafters to have a conversation through their work with the theme of Embody: Living in Metaphor with significant overlaps into the theme Space: Locating TB . To further enhance the Joburg fringe art pool we will be drawing on the craft sector via the ……
To ensure the exhibition has a broader viewership and an afterlife we aim for the Joburg Fringe 2017 to host this art project as part of their annual art fair and to publish a low cost catalogue sold for a nominal fee, as well as an online catalogue housed on the Joburg Fringe website. The tunnel vision that has beset the world of health, medicine, the humanities and the arts will be broken open via the channels of a multidisciplinary approach.
Referencing quotes from noted practioners via interview in all fields and coupling this with archival visual material and contemporary artistic output.


I have 20 years of experience working with, artists, curators, galleries and publishers in southern Africa managing and consulting on various facets of exhibition making. I have worked in a leadership role with the Joburg Fringe art fair for seven years. In 2013 I graduated with an honours degree in curating

Web site:  |   Floor area requested: 1sqm  |   Wall space requested: 4m

Other details:

displays will be of an unusual nature and viewers are requested to bring their slippers and headphones.


Artist: Lulu Kapenski  Title: Erricos bathroom,  2015  Medium: photographic print
Size: H:10 W:10 D:0  Edition: 01  Price: R9.99

Artist: Lulu Kapenski  Title: Guy pool boy,  2014  Medium: ceramic plate
Size: H:20 W:300 D:30  Edition: 01  Price: R9.99

Artist: Lulu Kapenski  Title: tillim at Heidis201,  2014  Medium: oil on canvas
Size: H:30 W:30 D:0  Edition: 02  Price: R9.99

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