Free Flow


We tell stories through our work. We share and conjure emotions through our pieces. Our work is not a collection of static images of the human figure – rather they are carefully thought out artworks that hope to elicit a response from the viewer. We learn to yield our materials to the stories we want to share through the composition, figure, colour, medium – so that there is always a deeper longing in our finished work.

This year we would like to take on the Joburg Fringe! Our spot at Victoria Yards would boast a beautifully curated exhibition of our work that has been made, or inspired by, of weekly drawing sessions. Alongside this exhibition we would like to run life-drawing workshops open to the public. This would be a fun interactive offering that we think will be perfect for this year’s unique venue!

We believe that our work, although traditional in some ways, embodies a contemporary South African flair and therefore, should be showcased at the cutting edge Joburg Fringe! Our work is evident of our celebration of diversity, as well as our ability to grow together, towards a common goal. Our South African Salon Style exhibition will offer the visitors of Joburg Fringe a look into the work of passionate, contemporary SA artists; and an opportunity to express themselves alongside these artists in the workshop area.


Free Form Fine Art Group meets every Wednesday morning in the Parkhurst Recreational Center. From all the corners of Joburg, and with vastly different styles, we have one common interest – Our passion for art and self-improvement.

Together we draw from life and spend time critting each other’s work afterwards. It is in these crit sessions that we truly learn to grow – taking positive criticism and finding a way to apply it in our work the following week. We are not stagnant – we move forward.

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Artist: Bianca Rathbone Title: Retrench, 2017 Medium: Photograph
Size: H:900 W:630 D: Edition: 0 Price: R6800

Artist: Dalila De Matos Title: Mild yet spicy, 2017 Medium: Oil Paint
Size: H:300 W:300 D: Edition: 0 Price: R1500

Artist: Hilary Bateman Title: Purple Portrait, 2017 Medium: Acrylic Paint
Size: H:915 W:610 D: Edition: 0 Price: R5580

Artist: Jenny Strong Title: Trading Places, 2017 Medium: Oil paint
Size: H:620 W:800 D: Edition: 0 Price: R3800

Artist: Marlene Carpenter Title: Untitled, 2017 Medium: Mixed Media
Size: H:121 W:80 D: Edition: 0 Price: R6000

Artist: Renee Johannes Title: Nugen 3, 2017 Medium: Mixed Media
Size: H:800 W:860 D: Edition: 0 Price: R5500

Artist: Stefan Smit Title: Untitles, 2017 Medium: Oil paint
Size: H:1220 W:910 D: Edition: 0 Price: R12800

Artist: Tarran Sanders Title: Philosopher, 2017 Medium: Scratchboard
Size: H:500 W:376 D: Edition: 0 Price: R6911

Artist: Amy van den Bergh Title: Queen, 2017 Medium: Chalk Pastel
Size: H:400 W:300 D: Edition: 0 Price: R3500

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