Chiro Nott

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Miniaturised golf presents itself as a ready-made example of performed identity in everyday life which consciously initiates behaviour and develops skills within the individual and collective to be able to cope with the volatility of mobile identity in contemporary South African societies by transforming the audience member into the performed ‘player’.

During the artwork the audience would be divided into groups of four and at the first table each group would be given a score card and each player a putter and a ball. At the next table each player would be required to personalise their ball before the group goes to the first hole and commences play. The players walk and play all of the nine holes while keeping count of their scores. At the end of the course the scores are tallied and a single winner from the four is determined. The ‘players’ hand back their putters at the table at the end of the course and keep their ball as a souvenir.
*The course requires a length of unused rail road, each of the 9 holes are 4m long and are staggered by walked distance in-between each hole.


Training and Qualification:
J.P Oliver Art Centre 2004-2008
Bachelor of Fine Art (Rhodes University) 2009-2014
Masters of Fine Art (Rhodes University) (in process) 2014-2016

4th Year Graduate Exhibition October 2013
Title: The Tjak of Washkibat
Medium: Mixed media and Performance

National Arts Festival (Fringe) July 2014
Title: Machine for Living
Medium: Mixed media and Performance (collaborative)

National Arts Festival (Main) July 2014
Title: Everse
Medium: Performance (collaborative)
(see video

Infecting the City March 2015
Title: FeedBack Loop
Medium: Text and Performance (collaborative)
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