Kwasuka Gallery

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Kwasuka gallery proposes to exhibit a photographic exhibition entitled Invisible Portraits, curated by Charlie Motale. The photographers who will be featured are Jabulani Dhlamini and Nocebo Bucibo
“The more you know, the more you see” Adolf Huxley. Both artists are capturing moments questioning both the absence and presence of a portrait that prevails within their consciousness. This is informed by their knowledge, experience and observations of the specified space and its living conditions.
Nocebo Bucibo`s photographs looks at the living space of the South African migrant hostels post Apartheid. Her work interrogates the individual living in the hostel by creating invisible portraits of these areas. which give an indication of the different characters living in the hostels.
Jabulani Dhlamini deals with the concept of a childhood game hide and seek where children hide from one another waiting for one to seek them out.. Jabulani is playing two roles the first is that of a seeker as he searches for the fleeting moments to capture and yet he is also hiding so that the children are unaware of his presence. The dual role that Jabu plays allows him to capture invisible portraits of the children playing and hiding in their environments.


The name Kwa-Suka is derived from African folktale story telling where the words “Kwa-Suka Suka” would be echoed before the story commenced. Our focus is on telling authentic South African stories through art; creating a platform for untold stories to be heard . The idea behind Kwa-Suka Art Gallery is to establish a Soweto based art gallery to allow for the exhibiting, loaning out and selling of artwork. The space will be used to help the artists develop as brands and introduce them to broader audience.
The long term vision is to develop an artistic hub or a precinct which would include: the gallery, studio spaces available fore leasing to artists, a space for exhibitions and events to be held and a market for crafts and artisan foods. 

• To introduce art to broader audience and potentially grow a number of artists and art audience from all sorts of life.
• To create a platform for young (not limited) artists to showcase their talent, grow as professionals and potentially make a living out of their craft.