Theodor van der Merwe

I am fascinated by the landscape around me. I see my abstract works as landscapes, as a layered experience - the viewer both feels as if they are simultaneously submerged in and are emerging from a series of marks made. Not only are my abstract works an experience of tactile marks, strokes, shapes and texture, they are also a play in colour relations. I see each work as a song of sorts to colour and mark making, an experiment in what the two can do together and for each other. Each artwork is in essence both a battle and a harmony of shapes and colour. These works don't really refer to a set point in a landscape, rather, they are more an experience of a landscape. They are an attempt to make sense of the world around me-an emotional landscape if you will. They present themselves as an obsession-both resolved and irresolvable-with the artwork functioning as an almost finished gesture captured on primed paper.

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