Taryn King

Botanical works: While typical botnical illustrations focus on capturing the details of a plant as part of a scientific study or record - my focus is to try capture the essence of a plant or a scene - the happenstance nature of it. I typically work in two style one more illustrative and whimsical influenced from my training as an illustrator or the other being more stylised and graphic from my training as a graphic designer. As a way to bridge the skills and knowledge of art, architecture and design without the constraigns of a clients brief or a QS’s budget. Mix media: A material exploration of how to turn the intangible complexity of who we are as South Africans into tangible artifacts. They explore various combinations of forms, textures, materials and colours with the aim of translating that it means to be a - ‘‘foxy brown black white (yuppie) afro-funckster” (i-jusi issue #26) or “A (sharp looking) Irish-Afrikaans catholic Marxist Leninist Zulu historian with a hex or two“ (i-jusi issue #10:6) - into an interior specific spatial/material language which is rooted in the transformation of craft/craft techniques (part of our vernacular ) into art/design.

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