Roberta Pazdro

I was fortunate enough to have my collage, RARE, selected for the 2020 Joburg Fringe. It continues to be one of my most popular pieces. Subsequently, several of my collages, including DOG-FACED BOY WATCHDOG and LADY OF THE LIGHTHOUSE were exhibited at the 2020 Turbine Art Fair PAPER EXHIBIT. Since then, my work has continued to evolve and I am proud to show you some of my newest works. I love the process of analog collage-making. It is an ongoing process of losing self-consciousness in order to listen for the art in me that is waiting to become visible. For me, collaging is process of discipline, craft and mystery. Flipping through magazines and old books, I turn a page and instantly an image speaks to me. I know I have to use it as a basis for a new collage. I am constantly challenging myself to avoid the obvious. Being patient and letting the work come into being on its own is key. Forcing a piece always leads to disaster Strongly influenced by the Dadaists, I incorporate chance in my work whenever possible. My best compositions are aided by the Dada Spirit when I accidentally bump a not-yet-glued composition creating a finer arrangement than I had ever planned. One of the most exciting discoveries when turning over a scrap is finding what was hiding on the flipside! The aim of my work is twofold: primarily I want to activate the viewer’s imagination when they view my collages but I am also a storyteller in some of my pieces such a DOG-FACED BOY WATCHDOG and LISTENING FOR LOVE. I hope the viewer walks away with a slightly new way of looking at the world.

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