Nomvula Hoko

My Artistic Practice & Artist Approach `Women In Process' a photographic & paintings series by artist Nomvula Hoko "I want my art not only to shape what we become but also how we become - I am a woman in process. I delight in the poetry of life that takes its form from the lines of life which twists and extends impossibly. It spits and drips and as sweet and wild as life itself. Part of my process it’s playing with depth, foreground, pattern and emotion. Photography Series The work invites the audience to examine the relationship with their assigned genders in their bodies through the ancestral calling gift I have, but also to reflect on the nature of `self' as a deep-seated marker of inner being and spirit. The artist draws her spiritual faith into the narrative in her work and reflects on this dynamic in her. The photographic pictures draws the attention to ancestral spirits and cultural responsibilities that commonly communicate with me through visions and strange dreams in my daily life in supernatural forces. The actions used in my photography series is a form of communication with them through corrected interventions in my physical body or be in separation with my body and soul by the illness they communicate with. Accepting the journey personally draws me to interpret the story my photographic and investigating my cultural roots from my father side and trying to find out ' WHO AM I' NDIKUBANI , my work will telling tales about accepting the ancestral calling as a young woman finding out my Identity and accepting my roots as a young woman. Thokozani, Ndauwe, Lesedi, Makhosi Camagu

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