Nina Erasmus

The approach of my collages has always been to give new life to the old and forgotten. I always find myself thinking about the forgotten coffee table books that have not been looked at in 5 years, dreaming of the possibilities they hold. Further more collaging, for me is also a reflection of what is published at a specific time. It's obvious to say: The books i got in Belgium, while i was living there are different to the one's here in SA. I like that my work is mirror to that along with my own experience. I like how the size of the page bring people closer for further inspection, how they are draw to the narrative they get from looking at my work. I like my pages to dictate my choices, it's quite freeing to open myself up to the possibilities and to listen to what you are seeing. It's quite a spontaneous process and the stories might come before i start cutting or after i have pasted. But, for me, the pages are boss and dyslexic brain is there to make the connections.

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