Nicci Olivier

Life is an interplay of art, science and spirit which explores the wisdom of Sacred Geometry, inviting us to partake in a wholly worthwhile transformational journey. During 2020 Nicci explored the notions of LIMINAL SPACE as a response to navigating through the C19 pandemic. ‘LIMINAL SPACE is an inner state and an outer situation. We are betwixt and between, having left one room and not yet entered the next. Our former way of life is being challenged. In this space we are not certain or in control.’ (R.Rohr) 2021 will be focused on taking Liminal Space to the next level, and Nicci aims to explore the narratives of UNVEILING. UNVEILING : ‘If we trust the universal pattern, the wisdom of all times and places, including creation and evolution of the cosmos itself, we know that an ending is also a place for a new beginning.’ (R.Rohr) Nicci Olivier’s art concepts explore the process and journey toward inner transformation. Her Land Art works undergo a number of transformative processes before a final work is realized. These processes spontaneously instill additional layers of meaning to the work. Transformation is therefore integrated in both concept and process/practice. Since lockdown 2020, Nicci has ‘collaborated’ with her garden as her canvas to create her land art works. The final images lend themselves to a myriad option, from 2D artworks, sculpture and installation pieces in a variety of mediums. Site specific installations create wonderful interactive opportunities and experiences for the viewer. Laser cut stainless steel creates reflections, shadows, patterns and movement as the light changes in situ, alluding to an interplay of presence and time. Her artworks usually have a meditative quality, inviting the viewer to a personal experience and instilling a sense of calm in them, and hopefully an AHA! Generally, the interactive process does not require the viewer to touch the work. The elements of light, air, wind, heat, cold, reflections and shadows interact with the work, providing the viewer with an immersive experience.

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