Mary-Jane Morris

Does humankind see itself as part of nature or as separate, perhaps even superior to nature? Having worked in the environmental field for over 30 years, this question frequently occupies my thoughts. Exploring the connections between humankind and nature is central to my artistic practice. Nature’s harmony and rhythm is all around us; the belonging of one thing with another. My exploration of connectedness is reflected in my focus on water and weather. This is an area of ongoing fascination for me, especially as I studied climatology at a post-graduate level. As my preference is to engage with nature on an experiential level, I constantly seek ways to directly interact with water in my art making. Rain, dew and mist become not only sources of inspiration but also a means of creating imagery on the surface on which I am working. Water is magical. Our bodies are made up of mostly water - an absolute manifestation of our connection to nature.

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