Lisa Younger

"slices and bits" is a series of A4 to A3 size delicate artworks made from layered pieces of paper and wood glue. The paper is sliced, torn, scrunched up or punched through, and hand coloured in places using watercolour paint and pencils. My exploration in each artwork is to push basic design elements in a particular direction in an attempt to find their magic. Each piece is carefully sliced and constructed by hand and has small imperfections. I experiment with many different types of paper and card during the construction process. The parts that I cut out and the holes that remain are used in different ways across each artwork and a lot of the visual discovery happens by chance. The subject matter of these artworks are a very special cast of characters that grow tenaciously in a sloped and rocky garden right outside my studio. This steep site was previously a neglected dumping ground for all sorts of leftovers. But since 2017 I have slowly reclaimed and nurtured it into a thriving indigenous garden which forms a vital breakaway space to explore and dream in at anytime of the day. I have found that putting aside time to look after this ensemble of gracious leafy tutors has filled my eyes with music and taught me to listen to the stuff in the background. To be in the moment. To be kind and gentle and patient. I try to express these wondrous green leafy lives in my artworks. I hope you enjoy them.

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