Jennifer Hull

I truly hope to evoke emotion, I hope to create work that is conceptual and encourages reflection or introspection. I feel strongly about mental health, the search for enlightenment and the state of our consumer society. My work must be created in a state of flow, it is intuitive and spontaneous. Too much planning tends to make creation feel unnatural and this can show in the piece. The work submitted here forms part of a collection that touches on greed, gluttony and wanting or desire. Apart from being major issues in society and the root cause of so many problems, these are themes I’ve intimately explored and continue to explore in my own mind and behaviour. When desire is gone, suffering ends. Superficial desires can never be satisfied, this can only bring suffering. The two portrait paintings were painted last year when I just started exploring figurative work and was very inspired by primitive art’s patterns and mark making, scarification, but also pop culture for the same reason, such as prison tattoos and street art.

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