Emmanuel Eweje

ARTIST STATEMENT I have studied and analyzed the works of Nigerian thread artists like Bisi Fabunmi and Oloruntoba. Producing abstract painting with thread as well as inculcating African motifs, this have made me appreciated their string art(thread painting). With this, I creates string art in my own style. My subject matters are often inspired by socio-cultural activities and events within the community while my ideas are expressed using threads for figures, landscapes and portrait paintings. I use my work to influence people, communities by changing opinions, instilling values and translating experiences across space and time. My formal language is the use of motifs (African and many more) with thread as a medium of expression. My style gives attention to detail; giving a painterly effect, as well as, infusing motifs into the background- these motifs are studied according to the different culture and environment I find myself. In close to 10 years of discovering string art technique, I have found it to be a way of mindful practice because it requires full concentration. This is why I prescribe it as a panacea to societal issues. The string art currently have a few artists practicing it as many view it as hard work due to its painstaking and time- consuming process, but I derive joy from it because at the end of the day, the impact my work makes in people’s lives is my satisfaction.

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