Fragmented Bodies II is originally a five A3 series on cartridge paper. This series shows my interest in the fragmented and/or distorted body (particularly the female body) by experimenting with collage and thread with each of the works consisting of broken women bodies stitched together with black thread. Fragmented Bodies II explores the emotional distortion imposed by a physical act, looking at what it means to understand trauma in terms of affect coming to rest in a body, rather than proceeding from the body (Bennet, 2005). Fragmented Bodies II talks about the infliction of pain on women and children in South Africa, the broken and the scarred woman body. The fear and anxiety of women in South Africa, in relation to the #AMINEXT? movement, is revealed in this series. I do, however, find that when staring at the work for so long, there is more to the work than I say or express. The work carries a lot of secrets, it carries my pain; the things I have been through, which no one knows of or will ever get to know or understand about me. One starts to see and feel the influence of my pain and insecurities. It is as if I am exposing myself but in a safe and secretive way, communicating the process of healing and purification by the use of stitches. This series is very violent, yet carthetic. It recalls my vulnerabilities, their heavens and hells, which helps me not reject the self but visit and highlight these vulnerabilities to help myself heal.

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