Deirdre Berkovic

I have many questions about the future of our suburban landscapes. When all is in flux how do we know what to value? How do we understand the complexities of our ecology, our role in the habitats of species or the potential of weeds in the present and future? Pavements, gardens, wasteland, wetland - habitats for a vast web and variety of life. The flow of energy, the ebb of species, the fragility of balance. The wilder places are complicated by anxiety unless you pay for the privilege of safety. Public land is sold off for development or fenced for profit and what remains in the commons is polluted, degraded and often dangerous. Wilderness is available only to the privileged, the brave and the marginalised. In our suburban unease we are either walled in or fenced out. My art is both a meditation and a conduit for anxiety in challenging times.

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