Charity Vilakazi

In my process of creating a narrative, it is always me coming face to face with my constant consternation. I am confronting those persistent fears that have kept me up at night. It is the excessive thinking that leads to worry and apprehension, that alters how i processes emotions and behaviour .At times a person faces potentially harmful or worry triggers, feelings of anxiety are not only normal but necessary for survival. It’s the wheel of the world, right? As we enroot things become increasingly stressful and that strain is coursed by us thinking of the substandard scenario that our life’s can take. Because as human being we can never be content with what we have, we want more but more comes with a lot of apprehension. They say do what makes you agitated and that will indicate if you have what it takes to make it. As humans we take delight in putting ourselves in positions where its survival of the fittest. And all these emotions come into play especially to the life of an artist who has to deal with constantly thinking of new creative works to put out good solid works. And that requires a lot of you mental energy and with that comes doubt and second guessing yourself /work. You overwork your mental capacity to a point where it feels like you’re going round and around. I’m inspired by my everyday life and my nightmares and my anxiety play a huge role.

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